June 12, 2012

This is going to get boring and designery! But basically, you can get the QUB font here, free for personal use: http://www.typographyserved.com/gallery/QUB-font/487834

I do most of my design in Inkscape (it’s free, inkscape.org). I started by typing my name in three lines:




because it forms a 3x3 blockreal nicely! I changed the leading on the lines to be just slightly more than the thickness of the lines inside the QUB letters (it ended up being 75%). Then I converted the whole shebang to a path, and squashed it into a square, so it became a 3x3 square. QUB actually looks pretty nice with square letters. 

I took that and made a clip mask over a picture of tanuki’s face, so the gaps in the letters became negative space. Then I colored that orange, because… orange. It looked pretty good! But it wasn’t very readable. (that’s the other picture up there) Then I had inspiration for a plan B.

Take the block, and trace its negative space (i actually inverted a bitmap of the block and traced that), increase the stroke (to increase the thickness) and color it white, then put it over a different picture of tanuki’s face (i’m indecisive) and crop it square, only the part with letters. That’s how you get what’s there.

I just had another idea, and I’m going to go do that one! 

This is basically how I design stuff, it’s just like idea after idea until someone makes me stop or I decide I’ve had enough ideas. 

  1. bipolar-wolfcat said: o3o that is a very thorough answer…. awesome! ^_^ Thank you for explaining this process to me, and for the link to the font.
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